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2012; the time for truth

This next part (part 5) of this video series will give you the anti-gravity device. There is already a "teaser" of part 5 that almost gives it all now.

Unless you know everything, you are going to be just like everyone are going to find out the truth. Secret societies, those who teamed up with the Secret Service and CIA to kill President Kennedy, will have to destroy this current society now and get rid of this pesky internet... because the internet will soon offer humanity the potential to become a tangible component of this vibrating reality.

Right now we all have a choice coming up. We will be able to grab ourselves by the ear and ask ourselves a question. We will then have an option previously not available to us. Can I, as a person, without any excuses based on my inablity to be honest with myself, and my constant crutch I utilize so that I can continue to suck on the ego...look directly at suffering and make it my best friend?

We have to decide if we are going to die correctly, as the result of living correctly, and it will cost us our career. It will cause suffering. We will have to choose the hard road...and you know right now, that is not going to happen. You have just now verified the history of mankind. How does that taste? Ego tastes good now my friend, but after you die, it will throw you into the toilet and you will be back here sucking some more.

Where is your comfort zome now? Fair question.

Wade (Deal Or No Deal)
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