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Originally Posted by Sasha2012 View Post
The public bought this right out of the gate. They do not want to admit they could be wrong, the gov. could be corrupt, the news outlets incompetent and most of all that this atrocity could be done by our own military. I went to give blood , talked to the nurse she was snowed bad. Before I left I asked her about building 7. One week later I needed more blood work, she talked my ear off. She took a look at the video and reports. She realized the truth and was furious. We need to convert people, we do it enough...and criminal charges will be filed. We can make it happen. People need to do their own thinking again.

These are dangerous times..

Thank you..the info was excellent.
Good for you.
I too have woken up very many people by actually giving them CD copies of documentaries containing 911 suppressed information. Many people that used to ridicule me are now awake as to what is occurring in the country, and the world.
Even now on Facebook I continue to post information on 911 that many people are not aware of, and those that choose to still ridicule it, and thus the reality that surrounds them, deserve what is coming.
Until people understand and accept what occurred on 911 they will always be slaves.
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