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Thanks to the member that gave me the video.

Its more about what we don't know than what we do know. For me, as a person attempting to build a self running motor, it confirmed that the switching tubes were just that, switches. With the amount of energy going in and out of that motor any commutator would arc and burn up. I believe that the tubes were an attempt to remove the arcing from the commutator but didn't help a great deal. I am not saying that anomalous energy cannot be found in such a tube, just that this was not the main purpose of it.

This is not in the film but is the conclusion I have drawn from it. Motors need current, current when arcing can melt metal, not good for the commutator. The switching tubes would open up a path by means of a high voltage arc to allow current to flow, keeping the arcing away from the commutator. Anyone who has played around with ignition systems knows that to increase the energy in the spark you increase the gap, because of this these spark gaps in the tube would likely reduce the arc size on the commutator but increase the current so in the end would not help the commutator.
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