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Marvin Cole - Dr. Tesla's assistant?

Dear All,

It it highly unlikely that Marvin Cole was Dr. Tesla's assistant. Dr. Tesla died in 1943 at the age of 83 (or so). Marvin Cole and E. V. Gray were nearly the same age of 35 in 1957. That would make Mr. Cole about 18 at Dr. Tesla's death. so, he would have been even younger if he were to have worked for Dr. Tesla prior to his death for any length of time.

Now the allegded Andre Poppoff person is another matter. E. V. Gray only spoke of this individual once and that was to his lawyer Mr. Joe Gordon. Here Mr. Gray claimed that Mr. Poppoff got the original idea / inspiration from Dr. Tesla before his death. It is not necessary that the missing link needs to be an employed assistant. A knowlegable individual who had a heart to heart audiance with Dr. Tesla could have aquired this information over dinner with a few notes and napkin sketches thrown in.

We have no more evidence to validate Mr. Joe Gordon's claim and will probalby never get anymore.

Gray got something that tripped his trigger in 1957. Inside info from a Russian imagrant is as good of story as any. I would certainly like to have more details about how this initial burst of inspiration came about. Did they start with a free-energy technology concept from the get-go? Or was the breakthrough discovered along the way towards an industrial pulse motor design? I flip back and fourth on this subject.

Either they got direction directly/indirectly from Dr. Tesla or they tripped over the discovery while working with pulsed arcs and opposing magnetic fields (to produce disruptive arcs). Either way the technology is still related to Dr. Tesla work even if they just rediscoverd it by accident.

I just can't see how an educated individual would give the plans (and/or a proof of principle model) of a Free-Energy technology to an Auto-Body shop owner? Why couldn't Mr. Poppoff have developed the technology himself? By all observations to date the kernel of the hardware is not that complicated and can be aquired for less than $500 in today's money.

Even E. V. Gray's sons have no idea as to how this came about.

Mark McKay
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