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E. V. Gray Technology Hints


The scope of the lecture delivered at this summers Bedini-Lindemann Conference was requested to cover just the historical events as could best be determined at the time.

The collected technical hints is another matter. After the lecture I gave an informal discussion about the overall view of the hardware. Mr. Mike Kishbud of Seattle filmed the event and placed it on YouTube. I didn't have any prepaired slides or drawings so the presentation was weak. I can only draw so fast on a white board and my impromptu schematics were missing quite a lot of important detail.

For those of you who visit this blog drop me a email to and I will send you my latest "The 10 Top Hints of the E. V. Gray technology". It is a 26 page Word document (Still in progress) with compleated schematics and some photos sharing what I have observed in my research and what I think is unique and/or important.

A seperate document speculates about the Tesla/Dollard apparatus. This paper is just a WAG in process, but I will send it as well if you want to take time to read it. (The price is right).

Mark McKay
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