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Ok, building the SS.

List of parts from Aarons diagram for SS

Upper left down

( Bridge rectifier ) I guess I could use 4001 diodes.
Capacitor 1.8 UF at 600V
2sc3281 transistor
2n3440 transistor
330 R ( 3)
4.47 uf capacitor
555 timer
23 gauge wire enough for 4,000 turns,
26 gauge for 2,000 turns
10K resistor
RCA3055 transistor
7 ohm resistor
10 ohm resistor
in914 diode

What I don't know on the schematic is the attached two small pictures what the parts are. One is a resistor ( with either a question mark or a value of 7 ), and the other is a transistor I think, but h11D1 or is it H11P1?

Please help !

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