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Thumbs up 3 Months and miles from where I started

Hey everyone,

I started the mood elevator and the self-esteem mods almost 3 months ago. Before starting I was constantly monitoring my emotions and striving to remain on the plus side of the emotions.

Today, WOW! I feel like a completely different person - in a good way lol. I've traveled at least a 1000 miles figuratively from where I started. I never ever imagined I could feel this good. I haven't felt so up, consistent, even, positive and energetic in close to 15 years. I feel like I did back in high school. I believe it's down to the duel power of the mood elevator and self-esteem module.

And I think now what I'm experiencing is a clear-mindedness I've never had before. And an objectivity. And a passion to go further down this road. For the first time in my life, I can see the outcome of the ultimate person I want to become and can make steps towards that person. And not sabotage myself in the process. I can see what work I have to do on me, but it's objective, not demoralizing or degenerative.

Other good things I've noticed: I've been tidier and keeping the house spotless. I've been getting more work done. I'm remembering to pay bills on time. I have been getting all the yard work done. I've even picked up a couple of freelance jobs in the last couple of weeks. Whew! Sometimes I can't even believe I can keep all this straight all by myself! Oh, and I've been out a lot more with friends. I've been meeting new people and feeling social for the first time in ohhhh....3 or 4 years. And my job is going fantastic. A person that I used to not get along with (my boss, which is kinda important! lol) and I are getting along now like the best of friends. I can objectively view situations (at home and at work) and suss out what is what much easier too.

I don't know if all of the above is due to the magic duo, or if they have just unleashed the best of me and what I'm doing is the result of that. I also believe that Gracie's CEM has helped me quickly unload a lot of yucky layers so I can get to the yummy chewy middle of me. I LOVE IT!!!!

I noticed a difference pretty immediately upon starting Mood Elevator and Self-Esteem, but I never ever anticipated that 3 months later I would be feeling like I am now. It wasn't even part of my emotional lexicon. These mods are priceless!
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