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the real deal

The trend today among spiritualists is to define reality. They have read books that attempt to establish equity in the ability of the mind to use intellectual philosophy to provide a conceptual reality that results in this physical existence being an illusion. They emphasize that this physical world and its science is an illusion.

Much of this perspective is egoic, even though the spiritualists have effectively identified ego. Ego is our illusion in daily life, and is our main focus in self improvement. Truth about our lives is based in science, while philosophy is a valuable tool to help discover the mysteries of life.

So, the spiritualists say this science is illlusion. That subparticles are mostly space, and atoms are mostly space, and the universe is mostly what? They say that our true existence is spiritual and is the what? That this life is meaningless. This seems to be a perspective provided to lifers in prison.

There actually is tremendous equity in the ability of the mind to philosophically perceive reality. The problem is that spiritualists routinely switch reality and illusion. They use their vast knowledge about truth to copout on this life and promote death.

My truth is influenced by common sense...the closest link to our souls. How we perceive and implement information is, at times, our common sense. Spiritualists have tremendous capabilities because they have identified ego and can effectively control it...sometimes. They are most qualified to help solve our worldly problems, yet they want to take the easy way out.

We are here for a reason. This reason is based on the science of this reality. The act of switching the words "reality" and "illusion" is an egoic attempt to simplify life. The combination of science and spirituality is the sum of knowledge. The resulting truth defines our purpose in life. We are here to harness the power of the atom to perfect the manifestation of the soul in this universe.

Our world maintains a balance in positive/negative charge. We all know that. Bring a purely positive entity here and a negative charge will attach. It takes knowledge to understand our purpose. Our focus is science, and science is the beginning and the end of reality...not the illusion.

When we can utilize science to its intended potential we will be able to embrace the beauty of humanity. To hold your beautiful wife in your arms and have her know that you understand her complete existence. The women carry the full load in this world. They deal with the male ego, serve him meals, provide him with beauty, and carry the unborn child. They nurture the child, and teach him/her to understand love. Give a child a bad mother and life will be tough.

When we can understand our purpose we can share. We can be a species who gives...who creates. We can become the future. We can harness the unlimited potential of the positive attitude and redefine the current use of excuses to be a concept we cannot visualize. It is the goal-oriented who achieve...not the intellectual philospher who makes excuses. Books are just a part of the process...they are not the answer. The answer comes when we physically manifest truth in this reality.
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