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Doesn’t having the weights affixed on the wheel regardless of them popping out while in a downward cyclical motion still cause it to have weight on the upward cycle? Which means that any advantage of the weights on the downward motion which would be taking advantage of gravity then would then be counterproductive on their way back up as they are still weights and are causing drag?
True, there is weight on the upward side, but not as much as on the downward side. Two kids on a seesaw.

Originally Posted by 5150 View Post
Now before you guys go asking me about the “source” of all the weights needed to propel the wheel like as in regards to a water source for a water wheel where that is a source of water like a river or a regularly running stream my idea is to create a stream per say of weights that is constant.
Imagine if you will as the weights drop off the wheel (as would water on a water wheel) that instead of washing downstream the weights are actually caught in some type of simple spring loaded contraption that works off the laws of physics and propels the weights back up top of the wheel to then be used again as weights taking advantage of gravity on the wheel to keep it perpetually moving to create the free energy
That would be adding more external friction. A spring loaded contraption will still require the same energy to "reset" the spring. Not to mention all of the other mechanical requirements to catch the weights bring them to the top, then dump them out again. With them attached to the wheel it is much more efficient.
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