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Originally Posted by darkwanderer View Post
appearantly yes but I'm not a physicist. With my calculations this system seems to work but we need more accurate calculations. The system produce more torque on the right side. As I speak with the drawing here's the result of my calculation F ~= m * a *17,68. m*a is the weight of the ball in Kg.

in Mikhail's design the asynchronous motor works as a generator. To generate electricity with the asynchronous motor you should put some power to the motor. When he use permanent magnet generator we will be able see how much power this system can get on the output.

you can increase the output power with increasing the length of the legs carrying the weights.

well any wheel that is in motion can be connected to a generator to produce electricity right? as long ans there is motion to turn the generator. I mean thats simple basic elementary physics right?

ok moving on,

so in theory the longer the arms are with the weights the more power output that can be generated? But the flaw in this is that at some point the wheel itself will have to be enlarged to handle the extra gravity forces so that means at some point the theory basically indicates that you are still limited to some degree.

also you mentioned there being more torque on one side, does that off balance torque then create other issues such as unbalanced wear or stress on that one side or over the entire system?
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