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Originally Posted by darkwanderer View Post
There's no need for quantum or something . Basic Physic Law's are enough for this system. İt's possible to build a system like that. I attached the CAD draw. You can calculate the machine forces from the drawing.
Thanks dude!

So looking at your drawing can you explain then to me if the weights simply extend outward at a 45 degree angle when the wheel is in motion, and that is sufficient to counterbalance any drag on the other side?

I really trying to grasp it all and my apologies that math and sh*t like that doesn't come easy for me, I just see this wheel as taking too much energy to start in movement and then limiting itself with the need of more energy to keep it operations,

basically it produced enough electricity to operate itself and have about the same amount of produced energy left over to power a few things. I'm wondering if this energy ration cannot be drastically improved to the point that the actual wheel takes very little if any energy to get started or to operate and thus allowing a great output of energy on the delivering end.

just thinking out loud
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