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Iíve had to read this thread like 4 times and Iím still trying to wrap my head around a few ideas but I appreciate you guys letting me post here and take it all in.

Last night I couldnít get this sh*t off my mind and I hope my questions and ideas are welcome here.

Someone in the thread earlier said

I believe the math involves quantum physics, so good luck with that.
Man thatís some heavy sh*t and all I got is a GED level basic math but did da Vinci have or use quantum physics or does that sh*t just come natural for those smart people? I mean I picture him at a drawing table sketching out ideas that come to his mind and mentally seeing how it all works without having to do a lot of math equations or using a slide rule. I hope so because if I have to do that kind of math then Iím already Fu**ed

Here are thoughts I got

Doesnít having the weights affixed on the wheel regardless of them popping out while in a downward cyclical motion still cause it to have weight on the upward cycle? Which means that any advantage of the weights on the downward motion which would be taking advantage of gravity then would then be counterproductive on their way back up as they are still weights and are causing drag?

I can see the argument that while in motion at a certain speed the argument of counter drag might be negated but Iím just asking. I hope my question is able to be understood.

Also using this same wheel design without the affixed weights wouldnít it be possible to create a way of adding the weights to the one side of the wheel while in the downward motion and then have the weights drop off at the bottom. Kind of like water in a water wheel where the water is used only on the downward side to propel the wheel and then the wheel is able to move and produce free energy as long as there is a supply of water or in this case our wheel is not using water but instead weights.

My idea is the same regarding the weights, as long as the wheel has a constant supply of weights being added in a regular stream (like water on a water wheel) then wouldnít this work as then the wheel would be propelled at a regular speed without any counter drag, thus causing it to move faster and producing more energy???

Now before you guys go asking me about the ďsourceĒ of all the weights needed to propel the wheel like as in regards to a water source for a water wheel where that is a source of water like a river or a regularly running stream my idea is to create a stream per say of weights that is constant.
Imagine if you will as the weights drop off the wheel (as would water on a water wheel) that instead of washing downstream the weights are actually caught in some type of simple spring loaded contraption that works off the laws of physics and propels the weights back up top of the wheel to then be used again as weights taking advantage of gravity on the wheel to keep it perpetually moving to create the free energy

I could try to draw a diagram of what Iím thinking but unlike da Vinci
all I can do is stick figures and my sh*t is primitive so imagine some type of mechanical device like a watch or a clock that operates of springs or such that could propel the weights back up to the top.

Damn I hope Iíve made sense
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