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A gravity wheel ....Oh ,that's gonna sting!

The holy grail of all "free energy" devices ,our pursuit of which, convinces the sceptics we are whacko's,out of our minds....delusional.

The chase you around with nets ,kind of crazy.

I made a tartget out of myself many times with Gravity wheel "beliefs".
And I always have "believed". {@Dusty Where are you??]

I have too many pans in the ou oven at the present to build this ATM.

Please put up a place to donate to the cause ,like your self I am of limited means ...but this ....this inspires.

The most passive ,environmentaly friendly energy anyone could ever imagine,
not possible to legislate against for pollution ,RF emmisions,radiation etc etc.
nor would it require the usual paperwork nightmare of "safety investigation
to evaluate hidden issues"!
the biggest thing being the need for an inclosure [imagine your internal combustion engine with out an inclosure}.
A non issue.......

this is gonna sting.................


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