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I must say those pictures are much better than the video. It sure is a nice creation.
He has done a good job, just looking at it I can see how it could work (I think).
Because my trade is metal fabrication the first thing I look at is the welding,
which is a bit rough, but if it holds together it's all good. The rest of it looks
quite good.
The second thing I thought was I wondered if the effect could be increased by
kicking the weights toward the center on the other side as it goes up to
unbalance it further, I think maybe if the weights were kicked in near the
bottom on the other side (with another kicker) then by the time the weight
got to the top it would be hanging down and ready for another kick. Not sure.
Maybe a way to increase the power for the size of the unit though.

One concern is it looks like a real mangler for children or the unwary, a
dangerous machine indeed.

It does look like a machine that works.


P.S. An electrical drawing would be nice to see how the load is powered.


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