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Originally Posted by Micheal Levenson View Post
I wish to give in some reviews for, my own personal experiences about the energizers. I have used many brands till my a doctor friend of mine suggested me QuWave Harmonizer Products and trust me, it revived me with a new sense of energy altogether. I want to suggest this products to as many people as possible as it really works.
Hi Michael,

Thank you for the suggestion, I appreciate all products and services that will energetically enhance ones being like our very own PATHS, Chinese Energetic Medicine, Matrix Energetics, etc. My friend DeAnn also gave me a suggestion and this one comes with a 2 week free trial. SRC4All Where Qi Gong Meets 21st Century Technology I happen to know one of the developers personally, because he is also a Martial Artist. His name is Grand Master David Harris. Src4You, is very similar to the way I practice Chinese Energetic Medicine. Yes, anyone can do anything, with the sheer power of the Mind, but these are all great "jumping boards" to get one started in the faith that they have all the power within themselves to be completely, Whole, Perfect, Powerful, Strong, Loving, Harmonious, and Happy.

For a private session with me go to:
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