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I don't "want" him to do anything in particular. I just said what my opinions

But I do get what you are saying, If the machine gets to a point where it
begins to self sustain then this is one of the things I would try to do to show it,
please bear with me.

I understand a load may be needed to get to a point where extra energy can
be shown. So if the load is the same as the video, with 1 kW input and almost
3 kW output with the machine running. Then simply remove loads starting with
the grinder then the heater then the light globes one by one until the meter
reads close to zero Watts input. When the meter reads zero Watts input and
a load is running then we could see it was being powered for free, as plain as
the nose on a face.

If the machine is driving the generator faster than the synchronous speed it
should be able to show output to it's power supply, with no external load.

I don't want to sound like a broken record or make accusations but the heater
could have it's heater element disconnected and be only powering the
fan/gearbox for movement.

I always get suspicious when power rating stickers are shown rather than
power measurements.

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