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NO, think again

Originally Posted by soundiceuk View Post
I hadn't fully studied Mikhail's prototype 11.

addition 2. Input with a wheel - YouTube


As I suspected like in some of his previous prototypes, the deflecting elements have a free swing but only a certain amount of travel.

When the deflecting elements reach the 11 o'clock postion the centrifugal force swings them over into the bike tyre which make them hit a stop.

The weights then fall down and hit another stop.

You can bet Mikhail has worked out the best angles for maximum torque.
HI, I think you need to think about it more. The weighted arms need to be able to move through 360 degrees CC wise in one rev: C wise of the main wheel. Also I think "maybe" they are mounted on one way bearings at the wheel circumference or maybe not, but he did say it would not work without this in reply to a comment on youtube!

I have done a lot on gravity wheels back on a thread which Peter started some time ago and my feelings are that this does work, but, I can't say what power output can be obtained as it would depend on the weight differencial between 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock and the velocity of the wheel, all in relation to the drag of the generator under load and the small wheel moving the weights out, but this could be calculated if we know the numbers!!!

Question.... is the motor a three phase wired as part motor and part generator!!!!!! as there are a lot of wires coming out of it! if so is there a transformer action between input and output!!! and that is why he is giving input and output power ratings!! I think so and the wheel and weights are supplying enough to counter the drag of the generator part on the motor, in other words a 1KW drag on the motor for supplying 3KW on the generator/induction side. A UFO motor would be better thinking about it
and the laugh is because in reality it is so simple that nobody had seen it, or have they!!!

So to recap, the wheel only has to overcome the generator drag+other friction, the rest comes for free.

I love it and breaks NO LAWS

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