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Sorry about the delayed response, I was away pimping my mother for a new gravity wheel build!!!

What is providing the energy to lift the weights ?

The impact of the deflecting element on the bike tyre filled with compressed air is deflecting the elements.

Do the weights fall further "vertically" than they are lifted ?

I think the fact is that they are in a state of weightlessness for a small timeframe is enough to move the centre of gravity from the centre of the spindle is enough to keep the momentum.

If the weights fall the same amount as they are lifted then where is the gain ?

I think the last answer fits this question too.

If there is free energy then why not show it ?

I believe Mikhail is trying his best to do that.

Explain a better way, we'll get it translated into Russian and post it on his comments.

A way that isn't going to cost him anymore money would obviously be best.

Where is the free energy shown ?

I think the last answer fits this question too.

Can anyone explain exactly without doubt how the wheel is powered ?

What is plugged into what, is there a schematic ?

It definately could do with one.

Lots of questions, any answers ?

I try not to form opinions without sufficient information.

Wiring diagram ?

It definately could do with more info for replicators.

From what I can gather the motor is connected to the grid and the wheel is
supposed to spin the motor faster than the grid power does and so it starts
to generate.

Where is the evidence of this ?

He is acting on feedback to improve his displays, with questions / constructive suggestions he will be able to do this.

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