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Originally Posted by soundiceuk View Post
I think you need to study Mikhail's work more closely.

The minimum frequency for self sustaining is 32 deflections. Cannot go to more per wheel as there is no space for deflecting elements to move.

Therefore to increase the amount of weights you are using 32, 64, 96, 128 and building sidewards with more wheels.

Steel / lead is expensive when you start working out the cost of 32 elements. All parts need to be quite accurate too.
I hadn't had a chance to read over his website in detail yet. I did see where he says:
To create the simplest gravitational amplifier a small number of elements (6, 8, 12) is enough, but for the transition into the oscillation mode it is necessary to increase the number of elements to 32
What does "oscillation mode" mean in this context? What does he mean by the 6, 8, 12? Are you saying that I would need 32 weights for it to even work? I will read the page more carefully.
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