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Originally Posted by Farmhand View Post
I see 1500 watts on the meter is that the input ? Because if it is it means very
little. If the 1500 watts is the output then why show the heater power rating ?

The rating on the heater is for maximum heat setting the minimum setting will be
less, probably less than half of the rated power. Also the grinder spinning with
no load should use much less than the rated power.

What is needed is the output energy dissipated, and the input energy in real time.

There is no way I can see to know what is what in that video.


I'm with you on all of those questions. I've studied this and thought about it for 4 days now and I have a guy who will go in half the cost if I decide to replicate this. I'm trying to do the math in my head. Why didn't he use a separate motor to kick the weights out, that way he could get an accurate input/output measurement. He has also been building these things for a while now, why would he keep going bigger if the concept didn't work on a small scale? or did it?

Using a little bit of energy to kick a little weight out to the side by a little bit yet it falls very far. I am trying to work out if size matters in this case. In all logic it shouldn't, right? What are your thoughts on the overall concept Farmhand? You think this device has "potential"? Do you believe in gravity wheels?
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