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I've been into this one since Mikhail appeared on Main Page - PESWiki in January 2011.

Directory:Mikhail Dmitriev Gravity Wheel - PESWiki

I have had quite a lot of email correspondence with Mikhail.

He dissapeared for just over a year then resufaced with his latest build.

I still have his old website in English and Russian. I'll see if I can dig it up from my HDD.

The deflection using a bike tyre seems far superior than using neodymium magnets on cost alone.

During my experiments with the magnetic version I discovered that neodymium is only supposed to lose 1% of its power every 100 years.

This makes it a great energy source.

The torque of his devices can be assisted with magnets.

He has cleverly patented his invention as a torque amplifier.
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