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Hello Dear John Stone

Originally Posted by JohnStone View Post
Hi Ufo,
yes I WILL wind the baby this weekend. I hope to have enough wire AWG24. The nect choce would be AWG32. That seems to be not suitable. Am I right Ufo?

And I will buy a PSU
0-300 V , 5 A alternatively
0-120 V, 10 A alternatively
0-60 V, 20 A
with integrated meters. It will be necessary i.e. for having strong and short HV pulses.
Am tired 1:00 am now

BTW: Spredsheets can calculate and display very nice graphs of all sorts.

rgds John

Hello John,

Yes 32 awg is TOO fine for that should be from 24 to even 18 awg...


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