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Great Idea!

Originally Posted by DadHav View Post
I was wondering John, UFO or anyone smart with numbers: Would it be possible to construct a spread sheet for test purposes? You know what I mean, just plug in your variables and measurements and the formulas in the spread sheet would do the rest. This could apply to torque as well as any other electrical data. Just a thought
John Hav.

Hello Dad Hav,

That is a great Idea Dad Hav!
I was just talking to a friend of mine to build it on PHP...or any other Code that allows a simple graph...
It will help not only to make all calculations faster, but it will brake all barriers between Metric and English measurements that could bring like a "Common Language"!

Regards Dad Hav


Now Hello John Stone!

That is a great idea to make ..yes, We will get together all the basic formulas as also all constants and relationship on ALL different Measuring Units and their respective conversions in the "Backstage Codes" of the We will be printing it here for further modifications and repairs.

Now talking about your "Baby"...
You are going to wind it as per the P-12 right?...Come on! do not be lazy making the simple Star of David!!...The P-12 is a much more robust set...
And the great thing is that you have great Oscillators/Controllers to pulse those Stators as utilize their Radiant back flow through our known also the Radiant back from the Armatures Coils...

I know there, in the Electronic World, you are a Master Sir!...



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