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Originally Posted by DadHav View Post
I was wondering John, UFO or anyone smart with numbers: Would it be possible to construct a spread sheet for test purposes? You know what I mean, just plug in your variables and measurements and the formulas in the spread sheet would do the rest. This could apply to torque as well as any other electrical data. Just a thought
John Hav.
Jes Well. It can easily be done but do we have complete data sets available? We need:
  • Input Amp / Input Volt.... for input power
  • Torque / rpm ... for mech output power
  • Output Amp / Output Amp ... for electrical output power
And we need a complete series of those data sets in order to get an expressive graph. We neeed graphs from several replications in order to compare and optimize and proof. But our coummunity is not there yet - but we will BE THERE!
My strategy will be to mout all meters on one place and get a pic from every data set and transfer the readings later on into a spread sheet. But this weekend I will wind my 12pole baby first! :-) :-)
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