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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
I've got it as long as only ONE wire is used to accomplish what was shown in the prior drawing. It other words, four north are wrapped in series and that same wire continues to wrap four south in series. If this is correct, I have it. The motor had 100 turns per armature section, which is 6 turns per small coil (96 winds per armature section) but I will try seven turns per coil (112 turns per armature section) which is a LOT more!
Great Dave!

Yes, the only problem you may run into is the fact your armature core have a lot of space lost because of center ring design, not allowing too much depth per pole...otherwise, you could go all the way to the shaft...then you will really be cooking here...but that is a major transform there...
So if you look at it...there will be small coils on top of other small coils...and so on...on the intersections between other Groups.

Sorry I have not got the time to make a nice Diagram here...thanks to John G you got it right...a Diagram speaks for One Million Words...great!

That is why when you show the armature already wound...I ask you about more wire...

Remember when we spoke about this I told you to make kind of an annular board to hook it under commutators...then run all cables numbered there...and that was to have the option to modify the inter-connections between them...

Now this will be a very slow motor...but with very high testing it by feeding either side (In or Out) it should run if everything is properly connected/aligned...

You could run several tests with the coupling of both Machines...I would first take it for a spin alone...without any assisting from Prime Mover Output to its Input...but connecting in series both Gates...Input plus Output so you get a solely Output...


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