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I think this is what UFO means!

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
I am more confused for sure. With only sixteen sections on the armature, if I wind every section on the armature as BOTH a north and a south, the most I can get is 32 coils.

That is what I did. I took section one and wound it as a north paired with section two as a south. Then I wound section 2 as a north paired with section 3 as a south. Then section three as a north paired with section four as a south..and kept going until all sixteen sections had been wound as both a north and a south. But that's still only sixteen pairs, or 32 coils, half north and half south. I have no idea how to get 128 coils on an armature that only has 16 sections unless there are four coils on each section, which makes no sense to me, since two would be north and two would be south?????

I think this is what UFO means. Rather than winding each coil over 4 poles, each of the 4 poles has its own little coil, but they are connected in series.



Mercy UFO if I am wrong!

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