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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Even though I said stator when I meant armature, I think I get it. I will rewind tomorrow.....after I make the wheel. This means on the armature that has sixteen sections there will be sixteen coils...eight north and 8 south alternating. No overlapping of wires of any kind.


Now you are getting it wrong!...
Sorry to bring confusion...

Dave in your original Modified You have 16 Total Pairs, therefore 32 Coils Total...right?...Right!
Each Coil embraced four poles, so each Pair embraced eight poles, meaning two coils, one North, one South...right?

All you are doing now is splitting each Coil into Four SUB-COILS (Let's name them like that to see if you get it)...

Therefore, You will have Four (4) times 32 total coils...or 4 X 32=128 Total Coils in your whole Generator.
Now each Sub Coil will have approximately six turns, in order to keep same ratio as Motor... 6 X 4=24 Turns total per Divided Coil....if there is room for Seven turns per Sub all means make it.

And connect them in series all sub coils belonging to a Coil. (I do not want to complicate it more than this...)

Now you may be even more confused...



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