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No Dave...

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
The motor had 25 turns of #23 around four north armature segments (wound clockwise) and then this same wire continued on to 25 turns around four south stator segments (wound counter clockwise). This made up ONE wind.
As I showed here:
UFO Coil Winding for Dummies - YouTube

I wound the generator the exact same way, except instead of going around four armature segments in each direction, I only went around ONE in each direction with one piece of wire.

As I read what you just wrote, that does not appear to be correct. It appears you are saying that there should be 8 stator segments wound north (clockwise) alternating with 8 stator segments that are wound south (counter clockwise) and each stator segment is its own individual wind and a north and south are not joined together on the generator. Is that correct?



Your explanation is perfect!
I tried to tell you that in a PAIR there would be Eight Total Coils Including N and S ..or exactly the way you described.

You are fine like that.


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