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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
The only wheel I have been able to find that fit my shaft had a bearing in it that I filled with epoxy to keep it from spinning. When I went to do my test today the epoxy broke loose and the bearing spun, so I couldn't do the test. I either have to epoxy the thing again or cut a wheel out of wood. Plastic wouldn't just melted. So in the morning I will cut a wheel and get that test done.

Here is my armature, all wound.
Hello Dave,

Is Ok, tomorrow is another day...
Like they say in Italiano...Domani e un Altro Giorno.

Now the pic came out blurry...but I see you could have gotten more wire there...or is the picture...or is it me?
Now, you wound same as your Motor but broke it into Eight Coils per used to be Pairs...right?...same turns or more than Motor?


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