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Hello I/B

Originally Posted by IndianaBoys View Post

I think it will be an interesting test to hook up a battery (using the new Bedini Alkaline Battery process) to power a Ufopolitics machine.

The Alum Battery And The Solar Switch John Bedini
The Alum Battery And The Solar Switch John Bedini - YouTube

Mike Klimesh at found a source of dry batteries from a company in Miami:

Dry Charged Batteries - Wholesale Dry Charged Batteries

Mike and John Bedini are both going for the N200.


Hello Indiana Boys!

I will love to test My Machines with other Free Energy proposals and Models already built...However, I rather concentrate on the "Simple and Easy Side" to use Power a simple Lead Acid Battery...nothing fancy first...and watch it...test it.

I know that my Machines will work wonderful with Super Caps also...but that will put a serious draw back on the whole project...since they are very limited also, they do not make them in large capacitance they ain't cheap either...

So, let's keep going with Lithium Polymers and Lead Acid/ Gel's, AGM's also that are great LA Batteries...

We will get not be


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