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I think it will be an interesting test to hook up a battery (using the new Bedini Alkaline Battery process) to power a Ufopolitics machine.

The Alum Battery And The Solar Switch John Bedini
The Alum Battery And The Solar Switch John Bedini - YouTube

Mike Klimesh at found a source of dry batteries from a company in Miami:

Dry Charged Batteries - Wholesale Dry Charged Batteries

Mike and John Bedini are both going for the N200.


Originally Posted by b_rads View Post
@John, Lidmotor, Slider, and all:

I have not charted this cell. Just an observation though when discharging and this I noticed when powering the fan since the run time is much shorter:
The voltage holds at 1.4 volts approximately while the cell can deliver between 20 and 30mA. Once the current drops below the 20mA (approx 90% of run time) the voltage crashes. I can then put this cell on a blocking oscillator and it will pop back up the 1.5 volts approx and run at the voltage until the current drops below about 1/2mA and then the voltage crashes again. As long as the cell can produce the current that the load requires, the voltage remains stable.

Another thing that I have noticed is that run time is not linear to charge time. It appears that a quick charge will deliver nearly as much run time as a much longer charge. This is an anomaly that needs to be documented and verified. Much more can be explored to find the best charging method for these builds.

Brad S
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