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Love Your Attitude Dave!

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Got my batteries charged up and letting them rest for one hour before taking voltages and running tests. Almost have my big armature wound, so will weigh it and use it as the torque weight. That was good advise...thanks. If the motor won't run this generator, I'll just build a bigger one.

Hey Dave,

You know...I love Your Attitude Dave!

If We All had here "A few more Dave's"....We should be providing our own Energy before Christmas this joke!

Now Dave...You are building there an Assembly that will amaze many here...that is why I want to make sure you are doing it right from the beginning...

Ok...The RPM's you are looking to get are around the 3000 to 4000...with your Armature Weight...

But, remember we can here DO ALSO, as Tesla proposed back in the 1800' "exchange by connecting" coils between machines (Motor-Generator)...since they are NOT connected in a crazy short circuit series pattern like the Symmetry offers... right?...

So your Motor Output (Prime Mover) will Help assist Generator Motor connecting it to its Input...

However, since both machines are identical in sense-direction windings-rotation...right?...

Ok, then ...that means when they will be facing each others...IF they are energized both the same way at their respective Input...they will be counter to each others...or opposing like two huge Sumo's wrestling in a tight embrace...

Therefore, the Input to Generator MUST be Opposed to the way you hooked the Prime Mover Input...Ok so far?
Do not worry...chill out...that is the way to be done...BUT using a couple of nice NTE576 Diodes in order not to allow reversed generated flow from Generator to get into your Motor...but to your Generator Output.

AND, The way you hook up your brushes INSIDE CASING OF GENERATOR, is ALL IN SERIES TO EACH OTHERS, Meaning ALL Input above and all Input below, as ALL OUTPUT between them...not like you did with other Motor, that Input Brushes are connected in Parallel...Ok?

However, do not heat up your Pentium too much over this...I will render a nice Diagram to show you whenever you are ready to go...



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