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Hello Dear John Stone

Originally Posted by JohnStone View Post
thanks ufo for teaching. I have to ponder on it.

@ALL: Today I got my vacuum motors. 2 original from electrolux and one Chineese repalcement.
The original ones have 12 poles and 24 segements at commutator (middel in the pic). The chineese one is built diferently: 22poles and 22 segements at commutator 8right top in pic).
It took 30 minutes for me - mechanically not experiencend guy - to make one ufo motor from two original electrolux ones (not wount yet). I can encourage to have a closer look to vacuum motors.

Now: How to wind 12 poles and 24 segements on commutator?
rgds John
Hello Dear John,

Beautiful "to be" machines there!

Now: How to wind 12 poles and 24 segements on commutator?
Join Commutator segments by two elements, wire from coils will embrace two elements...simple Uh?...

Your brushes are thick enough John...very minor possibility of error there...

HOWEVER, the "trick" is to make sure the center of commutator elements joined in pairs,IS aligned to the group of poles they will trigger by Brush sweep also between Upper-Lower Commutators...
Therefore mark them, color identify Them, later on, at winding time.


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