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from: The Brain is an Advanced Fractal Antenna

some info : besides water expanding on freezing

Other substances that expand on freezing are silicon, gallium, germanium, antimony, bismuth, plutonium and other compounds that form spacious crystal lattices with tetrahedral coordination . ( see Vertex config )
Online Etymology Dictionary
vertex (n.)
1560s, "the point opposite the base in geometry," from L. vertex "highest point," lit. "the turning point," originally "whirling column, whirlpool," from vertere "to turn" (see versus). Meaning "highest point of anything" is first attested 1641.

Other substances that expand on freezing frozen Tetrahedron = Fire and Ice

silicon = Group 14

gallium = Group 13

germanium = Group 14

antimony = Group 15 see Fulcanelli

bismuth = Group 15

Palmer Craig: Hall Effect Device (Battery, rectifier, amplifier)

The Hall Effect in Bismuth with Low Magnetic Fields


Moe-Joe Cell Development and Improvement History

Q - How much hydrogen gas does the Moe-Joe cell produce?

A - Initially, the Moe-Joe cell was not conceived as a hydrogen producer. It was created because it concentrates orgone energy, which can be used for combustion in internal combustion engines and also for healing. However, since some people have thought of using it as a HHO producer, it has shown some considerable results
Bismuth Core For enhanced orgone production and healing properties

( Moe Joe Cell New Assembly Methods part1 - YouTube )

plutonium = Group 94 ( 13 )

Water H2O = Group 1 Group 16

Vertices + Edges + Faces ( for all elements )

tetrahedron = HM 5

cube / hexahedron = HM 8

octahedron = HM 8

= HM 8

icosahedron = HM 8


also one of my "mentor" so to speak

In the Nature of Things - A talk by - Gordon Plummer - YouTube

Theosophy World L. Gordon Plummer

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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