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a repost and reminder from : The Brain is an Advanced Fractal Antenna

been re reading the whole page ( it is nice to refresh the memory and re discover what has been written )

linking a few Patterns

taken from the same page as THE BENJAMIN SOLARI PARRAVICINI's PROPHETIC MESSAGE - by Tomás Latino ( was exploring the site )

The Messages of Eugenio Siragusa

What the extraterrestrials have told
to Eugenio Siragusa

The word becomes flesh

I have written:
The etherial astral image becomes sensible-material body. Truly, the spirit is generated from the spirit and the flesh from the flesh.
The astral image has unlimited powers, they are Solar Deities, the archetypes of the animic material manifestations.
The Father Creator, the Beginning of every visible and invisible thing, is the Omnicreating Cosmic Spirit dwelling in the Sun.
The Sun's Heavenly Powers are the operators of the Omnicreating Spirit - Holy Spirit - as you Earthpeople call it.
They are the coordinators, the creators of God's idea, they are real judges of universal justice, the interpreters of the Supreme Will of Him who reigns sovereign on Earth as in Heaven and on the genetic system of the various planets forming part of the cosmic macro-molecule.

Eugenio Siragusa
Nicolosi, September 27, 1989
and from Pier Ighina's Cosmic Energy Inventions - The Tesla / Reich / Keely of Italy - English Subtitles - YouTube

from: The Brain is an Advanced Fractal Antenna

Alexander Chizhevsky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cycles Research Institute Research Chizhevsky[/url]

"Although I can find no absolutely credible link through a google search and the debate could be settled more easily if either of us spoke Russian and had a knack for tracking down relatively ancient research (1920s-30s)...

Apparently the Russian scientist Alexander Chizhevsky, who proposed and thoroughly researched links between solar activity and biological response, found that bacteria in water responded to solar flares instantaneously, as opposed to the 8.3 minutes it should take for the photon bombardment to elicit a response."
"Life is a phenomenon. Its production is due to the influence of the dynamics of the cosmos on a passive subject. It lives due to dynamics, each oscillation of organic pulsation is coordinated with the cosmic heart in a grandiose whole of nebulas, stars, the sun and the planet."
- Alexander L Chizhevsky
Human microbiome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

there are at least ten times as many bacteria as human cells in the body (approximately 10^14 versus 10^13 cells ).[5][6] Though members of the flora are found on all surfaces exposed to the environment (on the skin and eyes, in the mouth, nose, small intestine), the vast majority of bacteria live in the large intestine.
The Sun is the artisan of the deity!

The Gods are the real servants of the universal cosmic conscience. Men of the planet Earth could also have inherited this coveted divine privilege, if they would have accepted and put into practice the redeeming law of the Omnicreative Light.
Remember: "You are Gods and will do things greater than I" ( Quetzalcoatl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ). You have rejected being Gods and doing things that would have changed hell into paradise. It has been the Gods coming from far away places, who saving the saveable, injected a special genetic and transmitted a clear and unmistakable discourse for the salvation of the planet, to awaken in the conscience the desire to accept and practice the holy justice and holy love of the Glorious Father, whose sweet empire governs the Heaven and Earth.

Eugenio Siragusa
January 3, 1993
see also

let us not forget , these celestial beings think on Multiple level ... so they had to Step down the "voltage" ( blueshift ) so the receiver ( seers ) would not burn out .... thus the message you read will always be adjusted to the mind of the receiver ( fractal antenna ) .... analogy can't just come and tell someone your God is actually a Coconut .... so here is a piña colada ... start praying

he'll just go on ahead drink the piña colada and burn you at the stake

in other words ... these "dudes" had to make it simple enough to understand the core message and resonate with it

All Truth is Half Truth
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.
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