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Originally Posted by Harmonic View Post
B Flat is the black key before B and after A

On the 440 scale the freq is 55 - the diff between A and B
On the 432 scale the freq is 54, lots of strong numbers on this note for sure
27 54 108 216 432 864 etc - I think all the solar system planets are represented here. If I'm right....
thank you Harmonic ...... thought as much about B flat

you reminded of an old post i made a while back : (one of my fav topic )

Trees as radiant energy collector ( note the page number .... did not know it until now )

second series of info:

New math theories reveal the nature of numbers

On Friday, Emory mathematician Ken Ono will unveil new theories that answer these famous old questions.

Ono and his research team have discovered that partition numbers behave like fractals. They have unlocked the divisibility properties of partitions, and developed a mathematical theory for "seeing" their infinitely repeating superstructure. And they have devised the first finite formula to calculate the partitions of any number.

Researchers create novel nanoantennas

Nanoantennas work in much the same way as regular antennas, except they collect light instead of radio waves and are millions of times smaller.

The reason that Professor Juodkazis’ nanoantennas are so unique is that they are fractal – that is they consist of repeating patterns, with the shape of the smallest feature replicated to make identical, yet larger structures.

Spacetime May Have Fractal Properties on a Quantum Scale

As scale decreases, the number of dimensions of k-Minkowski spacetime (red line), which is an example of a space with quantum group symmetry, decreases from four to three. In contrast, classical Minkowski spacetime (blue line) is four-dimensional on all scales. This finding suggests that quantum groups are a valid candidate for the description of a quantum spacetime, and may have connections with a theory of quantum gravity. Image credit: Dario Benedetti.

Signs of ideal surfing conditions spotted in ocean of solar wind ( web surfing too )

Researchers at the University of Warwick have found what could be the signal of ideal wave "surfing" conditions for individual particles within the massive turbulent ocean of the solar wind. The discovery could give a new insight into just how energy is dissipated in solar system sized plasmas such as the solar wind and could provide significant clues to scientists developing fusion power which relies on plasmas.
At this particular scale they saw that the levels of turbulence switched from being mutlifractal to single fractal pattern. This single fractal pattern turbulence appears just right to create and sustain waves that can interact with the individual particles in the solar wind

ps: numerology has more secrets to reveal ...... do not be so quick to dismiss it .....
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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