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I'm not asking for anyone to do anything or change what they do all I'm doing is
putting forward a perspective which I thought was worth mentioning.

I'm not even saying anyone has or will fake anything.

I'm just saying that a real HP value could not be reached if the test equipment is not designed to do it.

Can anyone deny a more slippery belt will produce a different reading.

Can anyone say with certainty that a rpm meter that is sold to be used with
reflective tape should be used without and just because the reading is
somewhat stable must be correct.

I use reflective tape and a cheap meter, so what, it is accurate because I have
calculated the rpm of a generator rotor by frequency and magnets with a sine
wave, no extra oscillations. I checked it to be sure. Not that I am making any
claims, just for me.

This thread was made for people to make their opinions.

I don't think Carroll intended people to experience bullying attempts here.

But go for it. No skin off my internet nose.

P.S. Turion I'm not making judgement on you or your actions, I think you are fully
capable of realizing anything I or anyone else could. I was just mentioning
something I thought was kinda overlooked. I'm not trying to say to do
anything different.


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