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I would not worry as to whether anyone agreed with you or not. Farmhand and UFO are equal in contemptible behavior. And both are ridiculous to an extreme on either end of the spectrum. They are not worth worry and neither of them of them have any credentials of ability and both of them plain type to much garbage for it to be any good.

That said...........

As long as you know the measurements from the mechanical side and you know the Watt count on the electrical side for the Unmodified motor you are fine. The unmodified motor is preset. 250-300 watt 1/3 HP at the rated RPM. Its ability and efficiency are FACT... So the modified motor can then be scaled. As long as the tests are equal.
But all the data has to be taken into consideration All measurements. Then the picture becomes clear. And from what you told me the motor performs above the stock motor whether the consensus of the test is positive or not.

The biggest thing is how to move forward with it? The question you have to wonder is, is this the first time it has been tested to this extent? And does it have the ability to move further?

Pandering and reworking test to satisfy narrow minded doubts is not going to get you there. When you satisfied with what you have done you should start testing to find out whats happening the power, because once you know that you can replicate on any scale. Trust me brother non of it is hiding in some fools mystery.

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