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If any of this is in reference to the tests I did on UFo's motor vs modified motor, I too am concerned about accurate test results. I found that by painting the wheels black I got a really consistent reading with the tach I have, and am satisfied with the steady readings I am getting now...not jumping all over the place like (as UFO said) someone reading numbers at a Bingo game. As to the use of the belt on the pulley. I believe, as Farmhand has stated, that results might depend on the leather used in the belt AND the friction. And this could change as the thing heats up. But as all I care about is the comparison between the two motors, there is an easy way to tell if the results are at least semi accurate.

First, I am going to find a second digital meter so the readings don't jump all over the place. Then I will test the standard motor. Record the results. Test the modified motor. Record the results. Test the standard motor AGAIN and record the results. If the two tests of the standard motor are the same or very close to the same, we could assume an average of the to to be fairly accurate in comparison ONLY to the standard motor. Whether this is a true measure of their horsepower I could CARE LESS. All I want to see is a comparison of these two motors to each other. Can we all agree on that? Can we all agree that this would be a fair way to assess whether the friction of the belt on the pulley over time is changing the readings on the scales to ANY DEGREE THAT MATTERS?

I don't want anything that I do to be the cause of stress in the lives of others, so let's just wait and see what the results are. It will be Tuesday before I can get to the stores and find another digital scale.

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