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Mosfet drivers

I agree with you Carroll, I use Mosfet drivers to get a fast turn off and full
turn on. But I also agree with UFO, resistors are easy and can work ok for
lower frequencies. I use mostly TC4420 or TC4427. Which like all mosfet
drivers I guess give virtually vertical turn on and off even at higher frequencies 40 Khz
still vertical.

If someone was looking for faster turn off I would suggest a driver chip of
some kind as well. Or a 1n4148 diode and a pnp transistor can be used for a
turn off sharpener as well so no resistors need be used but only if the signal
source can drive the mosfet on properly.

If the mosfets are turned on and off quickly, full on and full off then they
don't get hot unless they pass a lot of current.

Won't turning the mosfet off quicker produce a better discharge of the energy
stored in the coil's field ?


P.S. I also have some high/low side drivers and I intend to use one for a boost
converter with synchronous rectification, to see if I can beat the efficiency of
the one I made with schottky diodes.


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