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A Better Mosfet driver circuit

Hi everyone,

In post #1362 of the "My motors helped me to tap into radiant energy" thread a member was explaining he couldn't get good sharp turn off of his mosfets with the circuit he was using and he asked if anyone know of a chip that would help him get faster turn on and off times with his mosfets. I replied that the FOD3180 chip gave very good results and also turned the mosfets fully off and on. I was politely told by Ufo to butt out and not to be telling HIS people what they should be using. He also said he didn't know if that chip would even work. Well I DO know that chip will do exactly what the poster was asking for. All you have to do is look up the data sheet and you will see that this chip was specifically designed to do just exactly what the poster was looking for. In addition there are several of us on this forum that have used that same chip for everything from the Tesla Switch to the 3 Battery Generating system and it has always worked great for very quick on and off times. I have attached a drawing showing how you could connect it to the output of a 555 chip and control a motor. Ufo has already posted a pretty good 555 circuit for giving pulse width modulation so you could use his 555 circuit and just change the output to this circuit with a good driver chip.


PS: I just saw the chip in the drawing is the 3120. The 3180 is connected exactly the same and is rated for a higher voltage.

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