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Correct Ian...

Originally Posted by iankoglin View Post
G'Day Norman

I Believe that one coil/strand of wire between 1 pair of brushes is divided in half still one strand half is connected to a commutator segment and wound CCW looking from the outside of the Armature and still the same strand the other half is wound CW looking from the outside of the armature still only one strand and this end of this single strand is connected to the corresponding Commutator segment of the other commutator this single wire is Used both halves as a Generator or both halves as a motor.

At any time when on one end of the armature this strand/ Commutator segment is connected to a Motor brush the corresponding commutator segment on the other end of armature to the corresponding power brush so that this one strand is energised causing half of the single strand to be a magnetic South and at the same time the other end of the single strand is a North pole when the brushes leave these commutator segments the poles are immediately reversed and therefore help to pull/push the armature.

Depending how wide the brushes are they cover more than the one commutator segment pair and therefore more than one strand is energised at any one time.
When the commutator segments come in contact with the Generator brushes the exact opposite takes place and therfore the motor is balanced magnetically and should run smooth.

So any one strand is either a generator or motor coil at any one time Not Both

This is my understanding as to what takes place If I am wrong I am sure I will be corrected.

Kindest Regards

Kogs always working

Good Day my Friend!!

Ian you are completely right in your corrections required...

Regards friend!

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