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Originally Posted by norman6538 View Post
Thank you Ian for your input. You are the first person to get your head wrapped around
the coil/commutator/btush timing stuff. I'm cogitating/thinking about the cw/ccw point. I did not
hear anyone say the coils had different winding directions. Is that true folks?

My big concern now is about proper 180 degree coil/commutator/brush electrical matched phasing. If this is not right it will degrade the potential and we have to get all the potential
there is. The 2 brush even combination with the odd coil setup is probably designed to make the motor start by never being at a magnet coil lockup point. So for now I am sticking
with two pole where its dead on.


Hello Norman,

If this is not right it will degrade the potential and we have to get all the potential has been less than 24 Hours you have gotten to find about My's been less time than that... you are "starting" to "understand" them...and yet...You are trying to focus on "possible mistakes, errors" with this Machines Design?

ONE thing, I recommend you do first is "Study Them FURTHER"... deeper than what you have been "seeing" so far...which to me, the not enough...You are still not understanding their real behavior-performance...

I honestly consider your "late approaches" a bit daring, ranting...criticizing what you have absolutely NO IDEA CONCLUDED YET...Or very INCOMPLETE.

My "counseling" is that you "rewind" your tape...and go back and re-read everything again, and again...before coming to any wrong conclusions that could get me upset...please.

I have been "nice to you" so far...don't "push your luck".

Appreciate that.



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