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I do automotive upholstery. The popular trend today is people coming in to have their factory material replaced on their seats with aftermarket material. The original fabric was engineered and designed to perform. The aftermarket was semi-engineered simply to look pretty. It has severe weaknesses and is not designed for automotive use.

The material that everyone wants is simulated Ostrich or Aligator vinyl. It will not last very long and is gaudy when overused in the interior, but that is exactly what they want. Truth and knowledge is not a factor. They WANT it that way.

Spiritual understanding is an awesome conquest. There is an honest expansion of the mind and overall potential when people are successful in achieving that understanding. The future can be almost unlimited when many people are in tune with the reality of spiritual awareness.

What people want the most is love and wisdom. They want to share it. They WANT it. It will not last very long because it is not the substance that this world was engineered with. We have a world design based on vibration which manifests itself in positive and negative charges resulting in gravity and magnetism. It is called science.

Our society wants money. Let's put that aside and deal with those who have some awareness. They want to drive around in a car surrounded by simulated Ostrich and simulated love. They WANT it.

We are here for a reason. Yes, we are required to seek truth and find spiritual consciousness. We need to realize the potential and what that offers. BUT, we do not get to reap rewards. That is not why we are here. We did not come here to remove the engineered quality of science and replace it with simulated love.

Once we have knowledge, then we have goals to achieve...that will lead to a future. That is our purpose...the future. When the lust that we receive from simulated Ostrich wears off in a few months those cars with the original material still provide excellent service. The simulated material must be replaced, or we may invent some new idea to obsess on so we again surround us with love.

If people had the ability to think clearly, we would go back to the start and think about it. If we would not overlook the obvious, we might realize that we must define our world and our intent. We would then think about the process of incarnation and the resluting situations. It is not difficult to make a plan that would reach a goal. But, is that what we WANT.

There is our dilemma. What we WANT always trumps truth. Let me offer some simplicity. Let's define life. Love is a nice goal for a life plan. If it seems that love cannot be achieved in a life, then we must consider a future life...if reincarnation is a reality. With consciousness we have almost everything we need to start this plan.

Again, we will begin by defining life. No? We would rather just skip right to the love? Why? Because we WANT it.

Consciousness, awareness, spirituality...none of this is the end product. It is simply part of the process. It simply gives us an effective method to seek truth. Oh my God! Seeking truth is necessary? We don't WANT that.

Once we are conscious and aware, we then need to begin. We are now finally ready to begin. And what is our goal? To understand the science of life in this world and find complete knowledge of EGO. We have to define EGO. We need to fully understand science.

Consciousness gives us a clean slate to begin. If we have a good basic understanding of all life offers, and knowledge of science, then we still need knowledge of the afterlife. We need knowledge of reincarnation. Scientific knowledge. Love is nowhere in sight. It is simply a goal...except for those who WANT it. Then, we can just be slackers sitting in the park smoking dope watching the fools walk by who are working on solving the problems in this world. Share the love.

If it is inconvenient and difficult, we don't want it. We want love and peace. Well, sorry folks, life in this world is inconvenient and difficult. We are here to sacrifice and if we are less than perfect...suffer. We are here to deserve the right to be here again. It is science laid out before us, and test us, to see if we have the substance that it takes to seek truth.

So, there you have it. Seek truth. It is right in front of you. What do you WANT?

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