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motor timing/commutating

I now understand the motor timing and commutating and the 3 pole is bad but the 5 pole is about right because of the 360 degree rotation design. pole timing commutating understood - first the current goes from brush to coil to brush
from one commutator to the other motor end and are aligned so they are timmed up the same
and each coil is off and waiting till the brush arrives for its one firing in 360 degrees, so one
brush of each end is a set
for the motor and one brush of each end is a set for the generator,

but there is a timing problem with the required efficiency of the 90 degree on/attract and 90 off
to coast
because first of all the brush has width and on begins at its leading edge
and stops at its trailing edge. So if the brush width is 15 degrees that
has to be added to the 120 degrees of the commutator segment giving 135 degrees on
which is way too much...because it will attract back after dead center with power on.
5 pole is a much better because that would be 72 degrees plus 15 giving 85 degrees.

Each coil passes by a motor brush then after 180 degrees it passes a generator brush.

So I am making a lidmotor style simple 2 pole motor to get he wired up right and working.
The small rotor and wires is way too tough for my fingers to manipulate. And I do not
understand why the coils are wound in pairs stretching further than the span of 2 rotor

Lying down to rest today with my brain turned on brought me to this understanding.

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