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My Pleasure Gints!

Originally Posted by Gints View Post
Thank you for so nice words about videos......I use FinalCut to edit them. FC is very simple and easy to use for video edition.

Also thanks for "hints". I will arrange these things tomorrow.

I was trying before to use the diodes (NTE576) at the motor output, but they heated up very quickly. Maybe it was because I was not disconnected the ferrite inductors from motor?

Hello Gints,

It is all my pleasure, they DO look VERY professional and very clean Videos!
And do not worry about "typical" You Tube critics, about text not running enough time...let them put it on "Pause" and read!...the Lazy dudes!...

Cause of NTE576 heating up, could be due to Inductors creating a wrong magnetic pattern there, as short circuiting between brushes...typically they are connected between Brushes in the Symmetrical absorb/kill the "Spikes" that charged your battery...
Other Motors also have Condensers (Mica Caps) or combinations thereof...

Diodes should not get hot...warm maybe...


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