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The Simplest PWM ever...

Hello to ALL,

I am presenting here the simplest PWM (Pulse Wave Modulator) and Motor Controller that you could build, it is based on the very cheap 555 Timer...and it could work "Safely"with up to 12 Volts...without the need of a Voltage Regulator.


This is the circuit I have been using all along in My very First Thread, I just added an LM317 Voltage regulator that is posted in my other Thread, it consist of the Transistor LM317, a couple of Electrolytic Caps and a couple of resistors...and I did it in order to apply a Higher Input that ranges from 24V to 36 Volts...But the basic circuit is this one here.
Timer works in the "Astable" Mode...rendering a very clean Square Wave...
You will need this as a Controller to run from the very small Motors to the Bigger it is very practical...

It will also run the Original Symmetric Motors (Unmodified), so it is a very nice Oscillator Controller to also compare results...

The MOSFET (Not specified here) MUST be Ultra-fast Switchers, meaning, very low RdsOn (very low resistance in micro-ohms) as also OVER rated the Voltage/Amps You will be working here...and of course Heat Sinked and MUCH better if "Ventilated" with a small micro fan!!

Also it will allow by just adding "Two Components" a Non Polarized Cap and a make a SEPIC System that will control Input and Output from Machine certain Designs...

Here is the SAME Oscillator Circuit, expanded to More MOSFET's in Parallel for Heavier Currents handling as Heavier Machine Designs.


I got this Circuit from: PROJECTS

On:A Pulse Width Modulation Control

I highly recommend this site for other great electronic free circuits as Switching Power Supplies and Gary also sells parts there and the assembled circuits (for those that rather order them)...He is a very nice guy.

I am not saying the other circuits are not good, on the contrary, the LM393 is a great circuit (Mad Scientist) it allows regulations of Duty Cycle and Frequencies...As also the great Modular Circuit designed by My Friend John Stone...However, they could become pretty complicated and all we are trying here is to Keep It as Simple as Possible...(note I did not write KISS... )

To all the Members that have replicated my work:...I highly recommend to build this simple it is the ONLY way you could see How My Machines Output True Radiant Energy Purple Plasma Sphere of Light...manifested at very low the Electrodes of a 120 V Neon Bulb...

...and I know you will love SHE is the reason why we are getting all this "Phenomena" that many can not explain to be possible...then you all will understand better everything displayed How I found HER originally...

I believe it is a very lovely light you could not miss to see...

Regards to all


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