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Beautiful Videos!!

Originally Posted by Gints View Post
Hi Ufopolitics and All,

Here will be my attempts to charge 12V battery with Ufopolitics Asymmetric Motor. The battery increase the voltage during the test.

Ufopolitics Asymmetric Motor Charging Battery - YouTube

Hello Gints!

Wow!...I did not know you were such a great video "Producer-Director"!!
Nice Edit, very nice... !

Now, some "hints" to do this...

Get some Caps, AC Caps, meaning Non Polarized, let's say 10 uF/250 Volts, and connect them in Parallel to Motor output, this will "rectify" all Random High Spikes into a more steady and robust charging will see the difference instantly on your very nice Portable Scope...

Also connect a couple of small resistance ultra-fast diodes-rectifiers (NTE576/UF505) between Output of Machine to Charge Battery...that way Battery will retain charges and diodes will not allow returning to Machine Output...

If you could pulse Machine Input... ALL Results will be you will be able to fine tune the Perfect Frequency-Duty Cycle that will work best...

Nice work my Friend!

Regards and

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