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Hey guys,
I wanted to interject that I have run my 3BGS with that very same combination of batteries before and NOT gotten the results I am getting right now. It was the addition of the UFO modified motor that got me these positive results. Possibly I was just not patient enough.

Now that said, Matt is using a standard motor, and during the test runs he has done, the primaries drop at first, but then slowly come back. (Over a five hour run)

In the two videos I am listing below, which were shot about an hour apart (giving the batteries time to rest between runs to see if they would increase in voltage)

Batt 1 started at 12.39........Batt 2 at 12.34..........Batt 3 less than 1 volt
Batt 1 ended at 12.54.........Batt 2 at 12.60...........Batt 3 at over 11 volts, but you can see it dropping like a rock in the video (Man I LOVE THAT!)

In the second video Batt 1 had climbed to 12.58 while resting, so that's where it started. ....Batt 2 had only climbed to 12.62, so that's where it started. These were measurements at rest AND under load when I started the second test. At the end of that second run, Batt 1 ended at 12.73....and Batt 2 ended at 12.65, while running an AC 120 volt electric fan off the combined output of the UFO modified motor's generator connected in parallel with battery 3 to the inverter.

And this is all without putting a load on the motor which INCREASES the output of this system.

UFO motor/ 3BGS - YouTube
UFO/ 3BGS test 2 - YouTube
Oops...forgot this one...It doesn't show much in the way of voltages, but it DOES show the loads I can run without drawing down on the primaries. The jumping around in voltage is because of the spikes that are hitting the primaries.
3BGS Test 3 - YouTube

The two keys to this setup are the UFO modified motor and the AWG battery in the third position that will take a charge, but will NOT hold it. (That dropping like a rock thing I love so much.)

Any way you look at it, this is something special.

We are working on ways to "kill" an AWG battery and make it do what we want it to do. The one Matt is using has a short in it and when it is shorted, it doesn't work and he has to shake it to get it to show the magic.

Replicate, replicate, replicate. I used a 16 pole razor scooter motor that I rewound according to UFO's directions. It has 8 brushes and two commutators and outputs dc current on the generator side.

Tomorrow I will get the amp gauges I need to finalize my testing of my modified UFO motor, fulfilling the commitment I made to the folks on his thread. Then I will be full time testing the 3BGS with this kind of motor and other kinds of motors, as we think a pulse motor may be even better. The advantage of the UFO motor is it appears to have a lot more torque than say a monopole, and we can use that torque to drive a generator. And putting a load on the motor just makes everything work BETTER.

Drop by the 3BGS thread, but start with my first post, because it gives you some important directions on how to test to see if the battery you are using in the third position is going to work for you or is a waste of your time.

3 Battery Generating System

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