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Welcome Dear Norman...

Originally Posted by norman6538 View Post
in the ufopolitics motor drawings he shows a red magnet and a blue magnet meaning
different polarities but in the Alexander patent the magnet pole at the armature is
the same and in all of the DC permanent magnet motors I have seen the magnet
poles at the armature is the same on both magnets. What is it supposed to be?
I suspect same poles.

Brush/commutator question. The carbon brush is used to transfer the electric path
to the armature and then to the coils. The commutator segments are used to select
which coil gets the electric path and sometimes to reverse that path as in the case
of the old auto brush/commutator generator used before alternators with diodes were used.
The switching caused the AC current to stop the sine wave and flip the wires to maintain DC current.

In the Alexander motor slip rings were used for the generator out
giving AC current.
In the case of the UFO motor generator what is the commutator doing?

My greatest delima is when I ohm out a 3 pole DC motor with no brushes connected
I get the same ohms between each commutator segment. How can the brush
to commutator to coil make any commutation switching to the proper coils?

I have searched the net and found 2 pole explanations with opposite magnetic
poles but no 3 pole explanations with two like magnetic poles near the armature.

This is driving me crazy. Please enlighten me...


Hello Norman and

Now one simple question...Did you watch my Video below?:


If you haven't you should, it will clear must of your 3D Graphics...Awesome video...I made it...

Now, the color codes Blue>North and South>Red is old...and there is "almost" always a Stator configuration based on S-N..and I said "almost" because there are some models out there based on either a monopole Stator or other combinations, but basically the highest percentage (98%)..they are all N-S...

Now related to Confusion between Alexander Patent...and also the Dynamo-Motor...I made a Graphic below for you to analyze...


Hope this helps you to understand this different concepts.


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